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M-System is an innovative earthquake resistant and insulating building system based on modular panels capable of constructing any architectural structure. It is a complete set of building elements that includes walls floors, stairs and roofing. M-System can be used in the simplest of houses to the most complex architectural

Social Media. Facebook Twitter Youtube Instagram Pinterest. Beton Works Cisangkan Leibel B-Panel BEP www.betonworks.co.id. Head Office Factory. ; (FAX); marketing beton.co.id. Address. Jl. Raya Batujajar Km. 5 No. 56 Desa Giri Asih, Cangkorah - Batujajar Bandung - 40561

GRM is a WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) material made from 70% plantation forest wood and 30% addi tives and Plastic. It is used for a variety of applications, predominantly for areas where corrosion would limit the use of metal. GRM have unlimited profile for choosing from Outdoor wall panelling, Indoor wall panelling,

22 Apr 2017 Harga wallpaper dinding 3D Bandung saat ini bisa dibilang cukup terjangkau pasalnya sudah banyak pula perusahaan yang memproduksi berbagai jenis wallpaper satu ini. Seiring berkembangya waktu, keeksisan dari wallpaper dinding ini menjadi begitu populer di kalangan masyarakat. Mengapa?

Our main product is the b-panel b-deck modular wall and floor system, which allow rapid construction of earthquake-resistant, intensively-insulated buildings. As Fire-Retardant We recycles 100% of our own post-production waste, as well as municipal EPS waste collected from Bandung area. Not only our EPS

INDOBUILDTECH BANDUNG CONVENTION CENTRE. Wednesday, 04 November 2015. Bandung, 21st 25th October 2015, Shunda Plafon participated on INDOBUILDTECH exhibition at Bandung Convention Center. The purpose of engaged to this event is not only to provide visitors from Bandung and West Java who

Sliding Walls. When Efficiency Be the Most Important. sandei-sliding-wall-panel-type-sc-110-h-. PANEL TYPE SC 110 H STC 52. PANEL TYPE SC 110 H STC 52 These panels are suitable applied in big or large room which has a height up to 12 meters, such as convention hall, Panel Weight Approximately 48 kg m2.

We also fabricate Unitized Curtain Wall & Window Wall with zero tolerance. We provide customized Aluminum mould by request and minimum number of quantity. Aluminum Composite Panel. Broad range of Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) consist of PE, PVDF, PVDF Nano, Firerated, Spectrum. Ready Stock Products.

And because of that, bamboo was widely used for wall panelling; floor tiles; paper-making; fuel; housing construction; and rebar for reinforced concrete beams. The Prototype House in di PasirImpun, Bandung, West Java;; The Earthquake Refugee's House in Sukabumi West Java;; The Plastered-Bamboo Wall Prototype

b-foam"Ultralight Facades Signage b-foam"Ultralight Facades b-foam"Ultralight Canopy b-panel Neo" b-hole". Lite b-coustice" b-wall"System. E-foam. Floating b-panel b-deck modular wall and floor system, which allow Started real estate new product development with the largest property developer in Bandung.

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Perkasa Aluminium Steel. "Receive Jobs Installation: - Frames, Doors & Windows Aluminum - Aluminium Composite Panel & Acrilic Panel - Light Steel Frame Roof - Rolling

Bandung, West Java. The walls made of precast panel have wooden skeleton. The lines between panels can not be seen clearly because covered by annually lime coat. This original house was the only left. The detail of bamboo splits reinforcement in precast panels. (left). The detail of panel construction to the wooden

b-panel provides reinforced concrete panels insulated with b-foam Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) layer,energy efficient, quake and thermal resistant building system. This offers excellent thermal and acoustic insulation characteristics, superior earthquake resistance, as well as other benefits.

System Selector. Knauf's comprehensive range of quality wall and ceiling linings and associated products can be used in a wide range of systems, find your system below. Select From the Dropdown, Partition, Ceiling, Wall Lining, Encasement, Shaft Wall, Exterior Wall and Ceiling. Select From the Dropdown