what kind of ice melt is safe for azak decks

Plastic shovels are recommended when shoveling snow from a deck. Even then, I suggest a light surface contact approach to the shoveling and leaving a thin skim of snow on the deck surface (to melt, evaporate, blow away, etc.). If ice-build-up becomes a problem, again be careful with tools! And, again

But even more importantly, there are certain things you should never do to this type of deck. Learn the do's and don'ts of caring for your capped To remove snow from your deck, you can use a calcium chloride product or rock salt to melt the snow and ice. Only plastic shovels with non-metal edges are

The correct brush type is very important so that it can get into all of the surface texture, when used properly. 2 CLEANSER. To clean your AZEK Deck Porch, use an all purpose cleanser such as Chomp! World's Best Gutter Cleaner or Zep Fast 505 Cleaner. The recommended size is. 32oz, which treats approximately 150

AZEK makes life easier! AZEK Porch and Deck Boards require only an occasional cleaning to retain their beautiful color and wood-grain texture. Use a household cleaner with phosphoric acid as the active ingredient (generally toilet bowl cleaners work well) and rinse with a garden hose. ICE REMOVAL Rock Salt or

SafeStep SurePaws Ice Melter. safestep. Salt-free pet friendly ice melter. Won't irritate paws or skin. Safe for people, pets and vegetation (when used as directed). Melts to -15 degrees F. Fast-acting melting power. Contains magnesium chloride and potassium chloride. Stock: 8 pound shaker jug

So is your deck safe under 6 or 7 feet of snow? No. The newer PVC decking ( , XLM, Horizon, etc) is scratch resistant and will survive a plastic shovel. Calcium chloride is more effective; it interacts with ice and snow to create heat that melts ice down to 25 degrees below zero.