anti-static spray for outside deckss

I have a new outdoor deck which is constructed of plastic composite planks. The deck is on the You may be able to find an anti static liquid to the composite planks to reduce ore eliminate that. I have Most of the sprays that would help to dissipate the buildup would be washed away in a rainstorm.

Helps prevent static on clothing, carpets and rugs; Eliminates static electricity in and around computer and terminal areas. DO NOT spray directly on energized equipment. Turn off before using product; Stop flyaway hair by spraying on brush before styling; Remove pet hair and lint by spraying on clothing, drapes and

Static Guard spray works instantly to eliminate static and prevent static cling. Static Guard anti static spray provides long lasting protection against static to keep you looking your best and help you avoid shocking situations by stopping electrical charges from accumulating on household items, fabric, carpet and electronics.

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So you own a Deck? Congratulations! You no longer have to plan for future weekends of refinishing or replacing brittle, cracked and warped boards. Spills of food or beverage no longer result in the mad dash to scrub it up before red wine or ketchup becomes a permanent part of your deck's color

I found a commercial staticide that I could spray on the deck but its almost $45 a gallon. I found . I just had a large elevated deck installed outside of Lancaster. I've recently tried an anti-stat called ACL Stati-cide on a deck experiencing static charge issues, and found both mopped on and sprayed on it

Humid air is a conductor, so it helps dissipate static. Dry skin carries more static electricity. Use hand lotion to moisturize your skin. The soles of your shoes may be insulators. Try shoes with different soles, or see whether going barefoot (if possible) makes a difference. Spray your carpet with an anti-static